Nature Connection is an important part of our Human Development, critical to our personal health and also to the planet we live on. This Journey series, set up for various levels of Scouting, has Scouts form connections with the environment so that wise choices can be made daily for the betterment of the Earth and its inhabitants. We teach about Nature here at Camp Tonkawa with hands - on activities, so come ready to have some fun!

This camp is designed around the Girl Scout Leadership requirements, but open to families who want to participate. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Between Earth and Sky - Daisies 5-7 year olds - Day Camp May 29, 2019.

  • Also can be set up as a day event over the Summer. 

  • Birds to butterflies.  Explore the wonders of nature. 

WOW - Wonders of Water - Brownies 7-9 year olds - Day Camps May 11 & July 13, 2019 / Weekend Camp Sept 21-22, 2019

  • Water plants and Animals to explore.

  • Water Cycle and Conservation. 

Get Moving / Clean Energy - Juniors 9-11 year olds - April 6-7 & Oct 12-13, 2019

  • Energy

  • How animals use energy efficiently

  • How humans can effectively and efficiently use energy

Breathe AIR - Cadettes 11-14 year olds - April 20-21 & Oct 19-20, 2019

  • Awaken all your senses that come to us through our air. 

  • Yoga Sunday morning.

Sow What- Seniors 14-16 year olds - March 30-31 & Sept 28-29, 2019

  • Organic Gardening. 

  • How our food choices effect the planet and our health. 

  • Raising chickens

Class Description

planet 3.jpg

Details: Each camp follows the guidelines laid out by the G.S. program to earn each level of the It’s Your Planet Love It Journeys. Includes us helping you with the Take Action Project to conclude the Journey!

Cost: Weekend Camps $45 for all attendees – scouts, leaders, and parents.

Day Camps $25 for scouts - 10am - 3pm

Times:  Weekend Camps begin at 9:30 am on Saturday. Ends about 2:30 pm on Sunday.  After lunch on Sunday we start the Take Action Projects.  Each troop / family will need to pre-organize a Take Action Project.  We are here to help you with ideas, getting donations and completing it. 

Meals:  We provide Saturday night dinner and Sunday morning breakfast.

You bring your own lunches.  Sunday lunch will allow you time to cook over a campfire.

Note:  Each Journey is at a different level for the Girl Scouts so if you are trying to earn a specific rank make sure you register for the Journey appropriate for you troop.

Please bring :

  • Notebooks to document your progress through the Journey.  

  • Or you can purchase the book from the GS Shop.

  • Your lunches.

  • Plate, bowl, mug and silverware ***NON-disposable please!

  • Refillable Water Bottles

  • Bandanna

  • Tents 

  • Sleeping bags

  • Personal items

  • Adults may want to  bring a camp chair. 

To totally complete your Journey during your camp weekend, means you also will be doing your Take Action Project Sunday afternoon. We help you every step of the way to prepare and execute a project suitable for your troop.

Families can also work on small projects that benefit the camp and teach volunteering to their children.