Our Mission

Connecting children and adults with nature through various outdoor immersion activities that teach essential life skills.

Camp Tonkawa Outdoor Learning Center’s goal is for everyone to be as knowledgeable of the natural world as the Native Americans who love, honor, and respect our planet earth.

We accomplish this with our hands-on teaching of the ancient Native American skills of

nature awareness, primitive wilderness survival and horsemanship.

Our patrons gain a respect and appreciation for our Earth, which helps preserve the environment and promotes sustainability.

Our camp is founded on the concept of helping people rediscover their connection to the earth. We all should be connected to nature - it is an essential part of human development.

At Camp Tonkawa Outdoor Learning Center, we help you to nurture that connection.

Unplug from a hectic lifestyle.
Learn important life skills.
Meet like-minded people who love the outdoors.
Experience peace and a connection to all living things.

We believe and teach from the perspective that nature is our teacher. By learning from the earth, people become truly alive, glowing with happiness, full of confidence and joy.

When a person moves away from nature, the heart becomes hard. - Lakota proverb

Listen to the voice of nature, for it holds treasures for you. - Huron proverb

All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the children of the earth. - Chief Seattle, Suqwamish and Duwamish