Upcoming Dates:   

2019: Jan 26th; Sat 11-3:30  /  Feb 16th; Sat 11-3:30  /  March 2; Sat 11-3:30  / May 4th; Sat 10-2:30  /  June 29th; Sat 10-2:30  / Oct 5th; Sat 10-2:30 / Oct 6th; Sun12-4pm / Nov 2nd; Sat 11-3:30 / Nov 3rd; Sun 11-3:30 / Dec 7th; 11-3:30

Junior Horsemanship Camps (scroll down for more info):  April 7th; Sun 11-2  /  July 14th; Sun 10-1

Contact us to reserve a private session for your troop, group, or family.  

Homeschoolers; we can set up a private weekday camp for your family/co-op/homeschool group - just call us.

All horse camps require a minimum of 6 participants - if there aren’t enough participants, the session will be cancelled.

class description

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This class is the first step in our equine offerings. This is for all of you who wish you had a horse, or are looking for a refresher (For those with years of horse experience, it gives you an opportunity to meet our horses!). You will get a general overview of the responsibilities of having a pet of this size. You will get a chance to do some basic riding, along with lots of other hands-on time with the horses. 


  • Horse Anatomy

  • Grooming - Tools and Techniques

  • Learn about the various tack (bridles, saddles, etc.)

  • Feeding Rules

  • Health Maintenance

  • Teeth and Age

  • Ferrier Care

  • Learn to Halter, Lead, and Tie Correctly

  • Mounting and Dismounting Safely

  • Riding Basics

  • Learn the gaits the horse travels in

  • Learn about safety when working with horses

What to Wear:

Long pants (blue jeans are perfect), and closed-toe shoes. Boots or sneakers are fantastic.  No hiking boots, sandals, open-toe shoes, or steel toe boots for safety reasons.  Please note:  Those with improper footwear will not be permitted to ride our horses due to liability reasons.

What to Bring:

  • Sack lunch and/or a snack

  • Plenty of drinking water in refillable water bottles ( we have coolers so you can refill )

  • Helmet if you have one ( bike helmets are perfect )

  • Signed permission slip

  • Sunscreen

Class space is limited, and spots fill fast, so register early! (Additional dates will be set up as classes fill, so be sure to check back if the current date is full. Alternately, for groups of 6 or more participants, you may schedule a private session by contacting us directly.)

Ages: 7 and up; adults welcome (or we can set up an all adult class for a minimum of 6 adults, see Women and Horses for more details). 

Cost: $50 per person - Parents or scout leaders who will NOT be riding are FREE. Camp requires a minimum of 6 participants.

Time Length: This is a day workshop (approximately 4 - 4.5 hours), that starts earlier in the summer before it gets hot, and later in the winter so it can warm up. Check our calendar for specific times, or contact us to set up a private class. 

Once you have taken this class, you can schedule a group or individual 2-hour horse groom / tack / ride session. You are also welcome to join our Horse Club that meets once a month.

Junior Horsemanship Day Camp

  • A shortened version of the above class.

Ages: 5-8 year olds. Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Private sessions can be set up for your homeschool group, school class, scout troop etc.

Costs: $40 per person - Parents or scout leaders who will NOT be riding are FREE.

Time Length: This is a 3-hour event.

Junior Horsemanship Day Camp is a shortened version of the Horsemanship Day Camp 


Girl Scouts - Click here for more information.

Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts - Click here for more information.

American Heritage Girls - Click here for more information.

NOTE: We can book a private date for your troop! A minimum of 6 participants are required.