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We welcome American Heritage Girls at Camp Tonkawa. Over the years, we have hosted numerous AHG troops for either a summer camp, weekend camp or day class to learn about and enjoy the magnificent creation in which we live.

A minimum of 12 girls is required for a weekend camp. This can be accomplished by sharing a session with another troop, if needed. This is a great way to share your friendship and knowledge with other girls involved in AHG. We can tailor the weekend to the badge(s) requirements that you are interested in focusing on with your girls.

Keep in mind that you are always welcome to come and be a part of our regular camp sessions. Many of our weekend camps will enable you to complete requirements in the several badges in the Outdoor Skills Frontier as well as the Native American Badge.

Some possible AHG Badges that could be a part of your Camp Tonkawa experience:


Heritage Frontier

Caring for My Environment

Native American - Call us to set up a special date for your organization.

Arts Frontier

Creative Crafts (Leatherwork, Pottery)

Outdoor Skills Frontier



Fire Safety & Fire Building




Nature & Wildlife

Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Skills

Survival, Search & Rescue

Science & Technology Frontier

Gardening & Plant Science


As we are a working outdoor community, we also welcome you to come and volunteer or even host a service project at our camp. We would be happy to assist in the planning of this activity.

Contact us today for more info on how we can host an event for your troop.