Horse CluB

Costs: 6 month membership - meet once each month

$90 for Adults and Teens
$110 for 9 - 12 year olds*
$125 for 6 - 8 year olds ** 

*For Safety reasons, parents need to stay at the Camp during horse club.
** For Safety reasons, parent needs to be present and at the child's side at all times.

What matters more than age is their comfort level around horses.  After they have taken the Horsemanship Day Camp (required to join the clubs), we want them to feel comfortable around the horses.  If not, they may need to take a few lessons, so they can successfully groom, saddle and ride without fear.

Hours: 3 hours

Weekend Clubs: 3pm-6pm during the school year
9am-12pm Summer hours
Homeschool Clubs will decide on the time best for their group.
If a Club meeting is cancelled it will then meet on the following week, as the make up date.
Children are required to have a parent or guardian with them during Horse Club times.  This is not a drop-off service.


Club Description

  • Learning session for continual horse education.  Members take turns doing Horse Breed reports.

  • Horse time - grooming, tacking, riding.  

  • Service back to Camp Tonkawa - small projects around the camp, horse-related as much as possible.

  • Members take turns bringing treats for the horses.

  • Fellowship with other horse lovers.

  • Helping Camp Tonkawa with Fundraising Events (example:  Getting donations for a Service Project)