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We have a registered Merit Badge Counselor and staff members who are Eagle Scouts and Life Scouts. This enables us to provide you with the requirements you need for your badges at many of our regular camps. Customized Camps can be set up for large groups, just contact us, if there are certain merit badges, interest project, or advancement you would like to work on. 

A minimum of 12 scouts is required for a weekend camp. This can be accomplished by sharing a session with another troop if your group is small, which is a great way to share your friendship and knowledge with other scouts. Keep in mind that you are always welcome to come and be a part of our regular camp sessions.


BSA Merit Badges

Bring your blue cards, and we will sign off on the tasks covered at camp.

Animal Science - can be set up by request. This can also be added to the Horsemanship Day Camp, if made into a weekend camp.

Astronomy - can be added to any camp session, weather permitting.

Basketry - can be a craft at any camp session.

Camping - attend our Basic Camping or Outdoor Cooking 

Forestry - can be set up by request, can be tied into Paul Bunyan Woodsman Award. Make a weekend camp out of the Arbor Day Celebration.

Gardening - attend our Organic Gardening Camp hosted in the Spring and Fall.

Hiking and Backpacking - Backpacking Camp

Horsemanship - Horsemanship Day Camp

Indian Lore - Native American Indian Camp

Leatherwork - can be covered in our Primitive Survival Class 2 .

Pottery - can be a craft at any camp session.

Wilderness Survival - Primitive Survival Skills Class 1 - This is the most popular camp for the Boy Scouts! The leaders can enjoy it too.

Nature Related Badges - can be run in tandem, but multiple sessions need to be planned or during Summer Camp. 

Fish and Wildlife Management - Nature Awareness Class.

Fishing - can be set up by request.

Insect Study - Nature Awareness Class.

Mammal Study - Nature Awareness Class.

Nature - Nature Awareness Class.

Reptile and Amphibian Study - Nature Awareness Class.

Eagle Scout Projects

Customize an Eagle Scout project!

Webelos Activity Badges

We can work with you to design a weekend camp that will allow you to earn two badges.

Webelos Walkabout - can be set up by request.

Build It - can be set up by request.

Camper - Basic Camping Skills  and Arrow of Light requirement.

Cast Iron Chef - works well with the Camper Badge, come to our Outdoor Cooking Camp.

Into the Wild - can be set up by request.

Into the Woods - come to an Arbor Day Celebration to earn.

Webelos Cast Away - set up to attend Primitive Survival with a Boy Scout troop, where Webelos will split off to work another badge. 

Cub Scouts

Various belt loops can be set up as a class session by request. Contact us for more information.
Summer Family Nature Camp can be a great family campout, as well as a chance to earn a number of belt loops.