2019 Dates  (last Wednesday of the month)
Feb 27th - Shelter
March 27th - Fire
April 24th - Water and Cordage
May 29th - Edible Plants
June 26th - Tracking / Snares / Traps

Costs: For all 5 camps: $110 (8-12 years old), $120 (13-15 years old), $150 (16-adult).
Want to just attend one class, cost $30 children, $35 adults.

Length of Time: We start at 10am until 3pm.

*Parents must accompany and take the class with children ages 8-12 for safety and support in these "Life Skills.” Teens may attend without parents, although parents are welcome to join.

*Note that our Week in the Woods and Walk in the Woods summer camps also teach these skills to children where Adults do not have to attend with them.


Class Description

Empower yourself and your family with the skills to Survive.  It should not be a struggle if you know your skills and have the right mind set.  We make it fun, teaching you with hands on-learning the skills that will keep you alive. This day camp series will cover information that we learned, and have been trained to teach, from the Tom Brown Primitive Survival School.

Session A - January through May, and Session B - August through December, meeting for all 5 camps below to complete all the material normally given in our other Primitive Survival 1 & 2 Camps. You are welcome to come to just one session if you like—for example, if you’re just interested in Edible Plants or Tracking, just sign up for that day to attend. Also, you are welcome to make up a class you might have missed in your session.

Five Sessions - these vary in order depending on the time of year the class is set up:

  1. Shelter - When, where and how to construct a Debris Hut. Other shelter types also addressed. We also cover Natures Cautions

  2. Fire - Where to find wood and types of wood will be the start of the session. Then where to put a fire, and leave no trace methods of clean up after your fire.  How to build a tipi fire. Fire Lighting methods with a demonstration of the Bow Drill.  We will have sets for you to learn the technique. Adults need to come to the Bow Drill Workshop to learn how to make their own Bow Drill set, or come to the Primitive Survival One Class.

  3. Water - Where to find water and how to make it safe to drink, prevention of dehydration. Cordage - Making rope from plant materials. Knots - Useful lashings, hitches and knots to use in outdoor activities.

  4. Food - Edible plants along with poisonous ones to avoid. Medicinal uses of plants. Primitive Cooking Methods.

  5. Food - Traps and Snares - How to construct them and where to put them. Basic Tracking - Foot prints plus an array of other animal signs to follow.

Bring your own lunch and refillable water bottles.  Dress for the weather.

NOTE: This class meets requirements needed for:

  • The Boy Scouts of America - "Wilderness Survival Merit Badge"

  • Cadette & Senior Girl Scout Interest Project -  "Outdoor Survival"