Native American Indian Camp

2019 Dates:  March - schedule it for your group over Spring Break.  

May 18-19 / Nov 16-17 / Nov 23-24

Day Camp: A shortened version is also available, and can schedule it for your homeschool group or school class (see Field Trips).

Costs: Children $50 (15 and under) / Adults $60  / Group Rates

Sleep in the Tipi rate is $10 extra per person ****Space is Limited****

Length of Time: Class begins Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. through Sunday at 2:30 p.m.

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Class Description

Our camp is named after the Native American Indian Tribe that lived in its immediate area, the "TONKAWAS". This camp will explore, through lots of fun activities, this particular tribe along with other plains Indians. The camp founders have always held a deep respect and honor to the Native Americans, who lived in harmony with our mother earth. How did they live for thousands of years on Turtle Island (North America), keeping it so pristine that when the Europeans came to this continent, they believed it to be uncivilized? Let us take a look at their lifestyle.  Help with setting up a Tipi.

Topics included:

  • Study of the Tonkawa tribe

  • Indian Dwellings

  • Hunting methods

    • primitive techniques

    • archery

    • fish techniques

  • Foraging

    • edible plants

    • medicinal plants 

  • Native Drumming and other instruments

  • Dance steps

  • Sign language & written symbols

  • Indian games and stories

  • Thanksgiving address

  • Tipi fire making method

  • Craft

  • Native foods and cooking methods

Bring your drums, moccasins and buckskins if you have them for our evening camping fire pow wow. For a week-end immerse yourself in the Native American Indian way of living.

We will all take part in cooking dinner Saturday and breakfast Sunday, the meals that the camp provides. Vegetarian Fare Available. You need to bring your own lunches along with a plate, bowl, mug, and eating utensils (please no disposables). Also bring a water bottle plus your own bed roll (sleeping bag). Bring your own tents. Camp chairs, camera, flashlights, air mattress, and insect repellent are nice to have but are not a necessity.

Note this class will cover requirements for: Boy Scout Merit Badge Indian Lore, American Heritage Girls Native American Badge, and Girl Scouts of ALL levels Native American Heritage Patch

NOTE : All classes have a minimum number of registrants to make or sorry to say it will be cancelled. So bring your friends and tell everyone you know.

Large Family Rates are available; please call April at 940-440-8382 for details.