Horse Lease Program

Costs: $100/month for horse use, $25/month tack fee, $0-$50/month staff fee (depends on lessee’s level of horse experience). Payment due the first visit of each month.

horse lease.jpg

Lease Terms

  • One of the camp’s horses will be used by you only, as lessee, one day a week for the price agreed upon.

  • If the camp needs the horse for its programs (Horse Summer Camps, etc.), you will be notified so that agreement arrangements can be adjusted.

  • You must let the camp know the dates and times that you will be at the camp.

  • For your safety, a camp staff member will be on the property during your visit.

  • You will treat our horses in a firm but gentle manner. If we see unkind actions, you will either be immediately terminated or reprimanded depending on the circumstances.

  • UNDER TEXAS LAW CHAPTER 87, we are not held liable for accidents.

  • No drugs or alcohol, or guests under the influence of drugs or alcohol, will be allowed on the premises.