Basic camping skills

Upcoming Dates: Nov 9-10, 2019

Costs: Children (15 and under) - $50 / Adults (16 and up) - $60

Length of Time: Class will begin Saturday morning at 9:30 A.M., and goes through to about 2:30 P.M. on Sunday

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Class description

For those of you who want to camp but don't feel quite confident enough to go out on your own, this class will put you at ease in the outdoors for a camping adventure. With supervised guidance, you will easily learn how to use the equipment needed for basic camping, safe fire starting skills and cooking. We'll make sure you not only learn outdoor skills but have fun!

Outdoor manners - ‘Rules of the Trail’

  1. Proper dress for outdoor activities

  2. Basic knots

  3. Knife care and handling

  4. Basic outdoor First Aid skills

  5. Fire safety, construction, use, and extinguishing

  6. Outdoor cooking skills

  7. Leave No Trace Practices

Additional Topics include:

  • Tents; how & where to set up

  • Equipment use & maintenance (stoves, lanterns, etc.)

  • Animal proofing your camp

  • Hazards to be aware of

  • Campfire songs

Supply List

  • Dinner and breakfast will be provided. Bring your own lunches.

  • Eating utensils, plate, bowl, and a cup (please do not bring any disposables)

  • Bandanna

  • Water bottle - reusable

  • Tent ** We do have several tents for rent.

  • Sleeping bag 

Optional items

  • Pocket or Survival knife

  • Air mattress / pad

  • Flashlight

  • Camp chairs

  • Insect repellent

  • Musical instruments for around the camp fire - We are not responsible for damage, if it occurs.

Vegetarian Fare Available, and like at all of our camps, just let us know.


All classes have a minimum number of registrants to make or it will be cancelled. Pair up with friends or other families to meet the requirements!

Some classes are listed but are not currently on the schedule for the upcoming year. If your group has an interest we can schedule a date for you.