Arbor Day Celebration

Arbor Day in Texas is The First Friday in November

Earth Day should be Every Day; it’s always a great time to plant trees. Officially it is April 22.

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Upcoming Dates: Check Calendar

This can be set up as a Class Field Trip or for Scout Troops working on Woods / Forestry Badges. 

Cost: $10 with Tree Donations / $20 without Trees

A FAMILY TREE can be donated but for larger trees get your scout troops, homeschool groups, school classes to all pitch in.

 Feel free to donate anytime of the year. Ask us for a Donation Letter.

The following agenda can be scheduled for Field Trips, private schools, public schools, and homeschooled groups.    

  • 10am - 3pm (or whatever works best for your group)

  • 10:15 - Welcome to our woods. Thanksgiving to the TREES!

  • 10:30 - History of Arbor Day

  • Songs

  • 11:00 - HUG A TREE - wilderness survival technique

  • 11:30 - How Old is that tree? How tall is that tree?

  • Story Time: Great Books about Trees and Nature

  • 12:00 - Picnic Lunches (bring your own)

  • 12:30 - How, where, when to Plant a Tree

  • 1:00 - Tree Planting Begins

  • Nature Poetry - We would love your contributions, a special poem you like or wrote yourself.

Camp Director Chipco (means: Tree Hugger) asks for tree donations. Her goal is to raise trees of many varieties to eventually use as teaching tools at the camp. So when we learn about the Catalpa we can someday climb in her branches, put the flowers on our fingertips and watch the caterpillers defoilage it while providing us with fish bait. This is just one example of what we could do with one tree. We love the Post Oaks, Cedar Elm and Juniper Red Cedars that forest the woods at the camp but we ask families, scout troops, school classes, homeschool groups and other groups to ADOPT A TREE of different varieties. We can suggest some varieties, and hope you will purchase it and then plant it at the camp. Trees planted in the pasture areas will also need protective rings built around them to protect them from being eaten by the horses.