Outdoor Cooking Camp

Upcoming Dates :  December 1-2, 2018,  February 23-24, 2019  - During the colder months is when you want to be huddled around a fire cooking!  If your troop wants to schedule another time let us know. 

Costs: Adult $65 /  Children $55 (15 and under) must be with parent, guardian, or safety wise scout leaders.

Scout troops welcome. All meals are included with the Outdoor Cooking Class. Vegetarian Fare Available, like at all of our camps, just let us know.

Length of Time: Camp Begins Saturday morning at 10am.  Camp continues through Sunday lunch clean up.


Class Description


Everyone likes to eat and that's the theme for this week-end. Tasty meals, cooked in a variety of interesting methods. Learn how to make your next outdoor adventure a culinary treat.

  • Beginning with how to build and maintain a cooking fire
  • Water purification, in case you have to cook in the back country
  • Introducing various camp and backpacking stoves, care and use
  • Tools to stock your camp chuck box with
  • Dutch Oven cooking
  • Pie Iron cooking
  • Easy campfire cooking methods
  • Food storage, long term and at camp
  • Simple primitive cooking methods
  • Meals for day hikes and backpacking
  • No Trace camp cooking - ie proper clean-up

Supply List

  • Oven mitt or pot holders
  • Eating utensils, plate, bowl, cup (please do not bring any disposables)
  • Bandana for your reusable napkin
  • Water bottle
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag / pad or air mat
  • Swim suit/towel, in hot weather.

 Optional items

  • Flashlight
  • Camp chairs
  • Insect repellent
  • Journal
  • Musical instruments for around the camp fire

NOTE : All classes have a minimum number of registrants to make or sorry to say it will be cancelled. So bring your friends and tell everyone you know.

Large Family Rates are available; please call April at 940-440-8382 for details.