Backpacking Camp

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Upcoming Dates:   December 8-9, 2018  /   March 23-24, 2019

Costs: Children $45 (15 and under) / Adults $60  /  Group Rates Available.

Length of Time: Arrive at camp Saturday morning at 9:30 a.m. and plan to leave about 2:30p.m. on Sunday.

Class Description:

  • Hazards one may encounter in nature
  • Backwoods basic first aid
  • Protecting your feet
  • Water purification methods
  • Modern Survival Kit
  • Types of Equipment **to include the Go-Lite concept**
  • How to distribute the weight in your pack
  • Orienteering course to learn how to use a compass
  • Understanding Maps
  • Setting up a backpackers camp
  • Meal preparations out of your pack
  • Edible plant nibbles
  • Food Storage
  • No trace camping

Campers will participate in a Trail Maintenance Project.

You will need to bring a backpack (day pack for those younger hikers), sleeping bag, a light-weight tent if possible, bowl, cup, spoon, and water bottle. Also a sketch book / notebook to take notes along with drawings of the edible plants and the hazards.

We will be taking two short hikes so don't forget comfortable walking shoes. These will be practice experiences to familiarize yourself with all that you learn.

Dinner Saturday and Breakfast Sunday will be provided. Vegetarian Fare Available. You need to bring lunches that can be carried in your packs.

Optional items:

  • Camera
  • Air mattress
  • Flashlight
  • Insect repellent
  • Musical instruments for around the camp fire

NOTE: This class also meets requirements for:

  • The Boy Scouts, Hiking & Backpacking Merit Badge
  • Cadette & Senior Girl Scouts, Interest Projects "Backpacking"
  • Junior Girl Scouts, Badge "Hiker"
  • Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas can work on #5 of the Totem Pole patch (Outdoor Program Progressive)

NOTE : All classes have a minimum number of registrants to make or sorry to say it will be cancelled. So bring your friends and tell everyone you know.

Large Family Rates are available; please call April at 940-440-8382 for details.