Volunteers Always Needed


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Camp Tonkawa Outdoor Learning Center! We appreciate all of our volunteers and hope you understand that to volunteer to help with camps, you have to have taken at least one camp with us to understand how our operation works plus you get to know us and we get to know you. Other work at the camp, such as maintenance and upkeep, does not require any pre- camp to be taken. You can also volunteer with our Fundraising events both Spring and Fall by request.

Horsemanship Day Camps

We need teens and parents to volunteer at our Saturday day camps.

  • Be around the children while they are around the horses; extra helping eyes for safety.

  • Be in the round pens getting the children on and off the horses; extra helping hands.

  • Walk with the horses when needed; extra helping legs.

Prerequisite: Must have attended a Horsemanship Day Camp or any of the spring or summer horse camps so you know how the camp runs.

Benefit: After or before camp, you (or your child who has attended a Horsemanship Day Camp) can ride the horses.

Grant Writing

We have a few large ticket items for the continuation of our organization to expand and grow that we need help searching and applying for these funds.


Weeding and watering help is always welcome in the organic vegetable garden, humming bird garden, butterfly garden, or the native Texas garden.

Service Projects

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4Hers, and Homeschool Groups who want to do service projects at Camp Tonkawa, we can give you project ideas and help you along the way.  Service Hours should be tracked for college entrance records. 

Please Advertise!

You can do your part in letting others know about Camp Tonkawa! Here are some ways how:

  • Tell everyone you know about our camp and how much fun you have here!

  • Forward our e-mails to your circle of friends.

  • Deliver flyers to your local library and other establishments that would like to show support.

  • Let your local scout groups and other children's groups know about us.

Thank You to Everyone Who Has Volunteered

Thank you to all the families and individuals who come out to lend a hand, feeding and caring for the horses, and helping with camp projects. 


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