Upcoming Dates:  August 30 - September 2, 2019. Labor Day Weekend
Cost: $180 - 16 year olds through adults
Family Rates:  Children must accompany and adult : 15-13 years $150 / 12-8 years $120

Scout Rates:  call about age and number in your group
Length of Time: Begins at 9:30am on the first day and goes through 2:30pm on the last day.  3 FULL days, 2 nights.

Debris Shelter

Debris Shelter

Making Traps

Making Traps

Class Description

At any time, anywhere, things can go wrong and you might find yourself in a survival situation. To stay alive you must find or build a shelter, obtain safe drinking water, start a fire, and gather food. Survival 1 will teach you how to build a simple shelter using natural materials, start a fire without matches, and find safe drinking water.

Survival 2 deals with Food.  Learning to gather and prepare wild edibles throughout the seasons is an exciting adventure, as is learning to hunt wild animals. Then knowing how to prepare them into palatable meals is the next important step. This class covers Wild Edible Plants, Wild Meats, and Primitive Cooking.

Note: For more information about this class, refer to the Primitive Survival 1 and Primitive Survival 2 pages. Together you have the whole "Shelter, Water, Fire, Food" bases covered for complete survival.
Outdoor solar showers will be available.

What to bring?

  • A knife is MANDATORY, and a sharp fixed blade (non-folding) knife is best. You can purchase a Swiss Mora knife from us if needed.

  • Dinners and breakfasts will be provided. Bring your own lunches.

  • Eating utensils, plate, bowl, cup (please do not bring any disposables) Wash stations will be set up for Clean-up.

  • Water bottle

  • Tent (if you do not plan on sleeping in your debris shelter)

  • Sleeping bag & pad

  • Notebook, pencils

  • Optional items

  • Flashlight

  • Camp Chair
    NOTE : All classes have a minimum number of registrants to make or sorry to say it will be cancelled. So bring your friends and tell everyone you know.
    Large Family Rates are available; please call April at 940-440-8382 for details.

Fire by Friction

Fire by Friction