Tracking Day Camp

Upcoming Dates TBD. Contact us to schedule a group class.

Costs: $50

Length of Time: 9am - 3pm

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Class Description

Tracking is a unique way of connecting with wildlife and nature. By using a multitude of Awareness Skills, a tracker is like a detective that asks questions and looks for the clues. Tracking is a skill that dates back to early hunter-gatherers but it is still used today by naturalists and field biologists to study animals. Tracking is not only looking at footprints that were left on the earth but all the other signs, too. It is linked so closely to Awareness Skills that both will be integrated into this class. Lecture and field work will all be included in the day workshop.

Camp Tonkawa's staff will be proud to have Mark Belm, an advanced student, as the main instructor. Mark has been studying the art and science of tracking for 8 years and is just returning from an intensive tracking class with Tom Brown at his Tracker School in New Jersey.

Topics to be covered:

  • Families of tracks

  • Track compression shapes

  • Gaits of traveling

  • Measuring tracks and gaits

  • Sign tracking

  • Pressure releases

  • Stalking

This class is for mature teens and adults.

Bring your own lunch.

NOTE: All classes have a minimum number of registrants to make or sorry to say it will be cancelled. So bring your friends and tell everyone you know!

Large Family Rates are available; please call us for details.