Upcoming Dates: Schedule a date for your group : Homeschoolers, Homemakers, Scouts.

Cost: Prepayment for a Semester is required; all three dates total $90.  If you only can come to one but prepay it is $35/ class. Drop in rate $40.  All Prepayments must be to us no later than one week before so that we can prepare for our students.
Camp runs from 10:30am-2:00pm. Bring your lunch. We need 6 to host a camp, so tell your friend to join you for a fun, educational, life-enriching day! We can also schedule another day of the week for your group.

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Making Marshmallows

Making Marshmallows


Camp Description

This class series was set up for adults interested in building a special relationship with plants.  We will investigate culinary, essential oils, and medicinal values of different plants each session. Camp will include Wild Edibles, Poisonous Plants  and Gardening Tips.  Each class will send you home with recipes, knowledge about something we made, and lots of information that you can put to use in your own home.

Children are welcome to listen in or they can use the day for Wood Exploration Time.  The workshop is really set up for the Parents and other adults.


Teri Eaton and her daughter attend with Carol McGarry and her granddaughter. 

Kim Chance attended with both her son and daughter.  She blogs about their family's experience. 

Cathy Mancill finishes up making Real Marshmallows, her son busy exploring the woods.