Members of our staff stay involved with the Girl Scouts, and many of our counselors and volunteers are Girl Scouts or former Girl Scouts.  This enables us to provide you with the requirements you need for your badges at many of our regular camps.


Camp Outs:  A special camp session can be scheduled just for your troop if there is a particular badge, journey, or project you would like to work on.  (Please note: A minimum of 12 scouts is required for a weekend scout camp.  This can be accomplished by sharing a session with another troop if your group is small - a great way to share your friendship and knowledge with other scouts, as well as make new friends!)  Simply contact us, and let us know how we can help your troop!  Keep in mind that you are always welcome to come and be a part of our regular camp sessions.

Service Units**

Camp Outs - Come host your SU campout with us!  We will help you with all the details and planning, and will customize the session to suit your needs.  

Options Include:  

GSNETX Totem Pole Patch - Outdoor Program Progressive / Tent Camping, Outdoor Cooking, Night Hiking, and Backpacking

Weekend Badge Workshop - Tell us which badge(s) you want to earn, and we will help put together all the activity details

Make Your Own SU Campout - The sky is the limit!

Service Projects

Whether you are working on the final portion of a Journey, or are working on your Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award, Camp Tonkawa has an abundance of projects and needs that may suit your goals!  Please contact us for additional details!

**If you're interested in adding a t-shirt or patch purchase option for your event, please contact us.  Group discounts are available.

Scheduled Events

Backpacking:  Contact us to schedule

Basic Camping Skills:  Contact us to schedule

Horsemanship Day Camps:  Next Session: June 24, 2017.  Additional dates TBA.

Junior Horsemanship Day Camps:  Contact us to schedule


Girl Scout Journeys - It's Your Planet, Love It

****These are the currently scheduled group dates.  We can schedule a private date for your large troop or Service Unit.  Contact us for availability.

Native American Indian Camp:  Contact us to schedule

Outdoor CookingContact us to schedule

Primitive Survival Skills:   Contact us to schedule

Wildlife Camp:  Contact us to schedule

Summer Camps:  June/July 2017